...The shot of a huge cube that, at the first glance, seems deprived of any functionality, becomes a basis for "projections" — snippets of life, uncompleted landscapes, somebody else's memories, stumbled over firmed concrete... The ultramundane reality of the cube's meaningless mass in a quaint entwinement of hardly revealed, mysteriously flickering images, calls forth the feeling of some personal immixture, at the same time, not letting your own interpretation subordinate you completely, as it does when you recall something that took place long ago, was so dear for you, and yet cannot be reanimated. Like the sound of a half-forgotten melody, when its one chord, heard form afar, heaves a pinching wave in your soul...

The cube's repeated recurrence creates a regular visual landscape that assumes the 25th shot's magic properties, involving and subordinating itself everything the author opens inadvertently or allows himself to touch, thus cementing and putting photographs of different genres, printing times, and anonymity degrees, into an integral, logically verified, and emotionally filled set. It is the combination of brutal materiality and memory's delicate timidity that engenders these imperceptible phantom sensations.

From the nonexistent reality, the master evokes images that are almost mystically connected with the living, and designates a clear connection of time and human depth in us.

When there is a total advance of digital engineering, Kozhemyakin's handmade photos give birth to a nostalgic feeling of affinity for such fine art's apparently ancient technique as gravure.

Creation of an image... A casual glance, an intuitive impulse in a combination with the rational selection of photo material and its subsequent technical transformations. The photographer creates the art reality, using the seeable world as a material and the subjective choice as a tool.

Sergey Kozhemyakin saves the concept of the original. By imposing negatives, multilayer printing, and other technological means, the unique print is created. It is more "genuine" than an engraving. The same thing happens when phantom feelings, appealing to old memories and emotions, become brighter than sensations of the ordinary reality...

Text by Inna Reut 
Belarussian Business Journal, #135, sept.2002, Minsk