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     Children’s album     1989     b & w   silver print

                             Remastered version      2008    color digital print from original films


      Daughter    1989     b & w   silver print      


      Transformation of the Image     1990     b & w   silver print    


Starting point      1990    b & w   silver print    in construction


       Light of Freedom      1990      b & w   silver print   in construction  

      Blue butterflies      1992       b & w   silver print

Black & White. Live.      Reportage photographs from 1990 th

       Family Album.  Real photographs from real life     1989-1992       b & w   silver print                                  

    The Phantom Sensations       1997-2002     b & w   silver print

Mental trees         2012-2016       digital print

 From project Anatomy   Ideal body. Female / Braille Alphabet          2015         digital print

From project Anatomy     Ideal body. Man  / Photgraphs for Dima         2016      digital print            




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